Ransoms Residential - What Our Landlords & Tenants Say About Us


Ransoms Residential consistently receives wonderful feedback from our client landlords - Ransoms have either recently let or taken over the property management of many rental properties in & around Exeter. We share these comments with pride and the assurance that YOU would also  receive a lettings service worthy of such comments.


How lucky we are to have such a dedicated Agent working for us.  I really mean that!  I only wish I could do something practical to voice my enthusiasm about your attitude to everyone who doesn't know about your professionalism.

Mrs H, Landlord, Exeter


I firstly would like to say how impressed I was with your personality, knowledge and attitude. You are a true gem of a lad and I wish more Estate Agents would take their job as seriously as you do, but then again most of them do not run their own company at such a young age.....and hence let me tell you, you are doing something right here! I am sure you will build up your business to become one of the main independent contenders in the Exeter area.

Mrs B, Multiple Landlord, Exeter


A small selection of the many 'thank you gifts' we have received .........

"Thank you so much for everything you have done"

"Thank you again for your time! You went above and beyond"

"For doing what no agent has done for us before"

If YOU are a landlord who is thinking of renting out a property or if YOU are considering changing from your current letting agent (for any reason) then please consider contacting Ransoms Residential. Discussing your requirements, concerns or queries is completely FREE. Arranging a no obligation valuation is FREE. Even if YOU only want to use Ransoms as a comparison this is not a problem. YOU may be very pleasantly surprised.